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Charlie Nivison

Charlie Nivison

  • Artist’s Statement

    A pop exploration of the relationship between the digital and physical world.

  • Biography

    Growing up in a very creative family in a small country town in northwest NSW with a father who is an artist and a mother who was an art teacher.
    Studied Graphic design in Canberra where I was introduced to illustration and the digital image making programs which I use today as well as the traditional techniques.
    After getting a taste for mural painting in 2015 its been the main focus always trying to take my art somewhere new and interesting.

  • Influences

    Pop culture, music, movies, cartoons, comics

  • Awards

    Was awarded ‘The ORPHAN’ University prize for Illustration and layout in 2010
    Was a Finalist of the Wacom Next Level competition and exhibition 2016

  • Exhibitions


    Wok of Art -Tiger Beer -2015
    Wacom Next Level - 2015
    Wacom Next Level - 2016
    Art With Heart - 2017
    Tic Taco - 2017
    No Sleep Till Grey Skull - 2019
    From the Sewers - 2020
    Beinnarly - Sic Fi - 2020
    Moss Skate Art show -2021

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Charlie Nivison

‘But what is real anymore?’, 2022
81 x 122 x 2 cm Acrylic on Canvas $1,000.00

Charlie Nivison

Brief Interruption, 2020
91 x 60 x 4.5 cm Acrylic on Canvas Sold

Charlie Nivison

70 x 15 x 15 cm Spray paint on Fire hydrant Sold