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Sarah McGrath

Sarah McGrath

  • Artist’s Statement

    I am filled with joy when I create art.  It's an emotional journey through every brush stroke and the way the artwork resonates through the viewer. My artistic style leans towards realism, focussing on still life.  I am drawn to vintage and nostalgic items from my childhood.  I arrange these items and photograph them in a realistic setting that I use as a reference for my final piece of artwork.

  • Biography

    I am a full time artist residing in the leafy suburb of Mosman in Sydney. I studied graphic design and illustration at college and have always sort out creative ventures in my working life. I paint in oil and watercolour and excel in the style of contemporary realism - my paintings have an almost photo-like quality. I am drawn to antique silverware and other sentimental objects that show tarnish, patina and the wears of time but still shine. 

  • Influences

    Through my artistic journey I have looked to many contemporary realist artists for inspiration, style and techniques among a few are Christopher Stott, Robert Rosenman, Lisa Christensen and John Honeywill

  • Awards

    Finalist - National Emerging Art Prize 2021

  • Exhibitions

    Michael Reid  - Nartional Emerging Art Prize 2021

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Sarah McGrath

Let's not pretend everything is ok!, 2022
Oil on canvas Sold

Sarah McGrath

Babes In Arms, 2021
42 x 42 x 4 cm Oil on Birch Panel Sold