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Ulla Prowse

Ulla Prowse

  • Artist’s Statement

    Inspired by the everyday, Ulla seeks to celebrate life’s ordinary yet charming moments, such as an imperfectly set table, rituals of self care or moments in nature. These scenes are captured in their casual impermanence, encouraging the viewer to seek allure in what is often seen as banal.

  • Biography

    Ulla is a Sydney based artist, practising predominantly printmaking and illustration,
    receiving her diploma in illustration and graphic design 2022. Ulla has completed further independent studies in printmaking, focusing on Lino relief printing.

  • Influences

    Ullas art practices are often influenced by her Finnish Maternal heritage. Drawing from the simplicity of Finnish design.

  • Exhibitions

    “Artefacts and Oddities” group show 2022, Bow and Arrow Store, Manly

Showing the single artwork

Ulla Prowse

Ritual, 2022
50.8 x 40.6 x 3.7 cm Linocut print on wood board Sold