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Ben Liney

Enriched Memory, 2023

63 x 93 x 4 cmOil on canvasSoldPerched on the side of a forested mountain in the Baw Baw Ranges, Gunaikurnai country, lies a garden of ancient boulders adorned with moss and lichen. At their birthing, these stones formed deep in the earth, exposed through a constant weathering and deep movement.

To arrive in this landscape is to become aware of a great stillness. I first stood in awe under these towering rocks with my child’s hand in mine. In our present passing we receive a sense of knowing from these boulders that have sat through all time.

This collection draws us into the unwounded beauty of the landscape, carrying out the hidden work of life within us. Through painting this series, I invite the conversation of the landscape to find a home within our everyday.

Gunaikurnai country is the land, the forest and boulders, the place and the memory, the past and the future. I acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, the Brayakaulung clan of the Gunaikurnai people.

Framed in Blackwood.