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Ethan-James Kotiau

Bandara Mundu Bindana, 2022

31 x 31 x 3 cmAcrylic on CanvasSoldBandara Mundu Bindana translates to “From Heaven Above” in my grandmother’s language, ‘Gunggari’. This story is about my relationship with culture but more importantly my spiritual relationship with my creator and his spirit which provides healing, you could say it’s a dance to him.
When painting this story, I wanted to portray song and dance. I was inspired by a lot of traditional aboriginal art and symbols. I wanted to keep it simple and build the story upon a traditional foundation that is rich in meaning and integral to cultural identity. Immediately body paint stood out to me. The line work that forms the base layer represents this. Next, I wanted to develop movement but also capture the relationship between person and creator since the painting is a symbolic dance to him. The line work that moves over the top represents this, the creator’s spirit which comes from above providing healing and hope.