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Ethan-James Kotiau

Dry Waterhole, 2022

31 x 31 x 3 cmAcrylic on CanvasSoldDry Waterhole on Gunggari country. This is a story about a hunter. When going on a long journey one must find the waterholes so he can rest and gain strength again. He travels far across the vast land but he finds that the waterhole is dry. Relying on his knowledge of country with courage and determination he shakes the dust off his feet and persists on his journey in search for another waterhole.

  I think we can all relate to that hunter on a journey. Along the way we may encounter disappointments and challenges. However, each setback along the way is a learning experience that can help us grow. What's important is that we get back up one more time than we fall and keeping walking towards our goal. If we do we will find the 'waterhole'.