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Rebecca Trajkovski

The Board II (Series 9), 2019

28 x 20 cmAcrylic on CanvasSoldThese pieces are part of a series of 10 completed in November 2019. Other pieces which started in 2018 (Series 1) have been collected all over the world and in Australia and I am currently producing Series 19.

The series was inspired by the idea of the executive board of directors at a time when I was going through some significant life changes personally and in my law career. I was on maternity leave with my first born at the time and the company I worked for was going through a restructure which directly impacted the FTE's in the team. Ultimately my manager, who was a great support person for me, was made redundant and it had a huge impact on our team's work culture.

I was also travelling to Gosford from Sydney on a weekly basis to see my husband who took on a project in the area. Being on maternity leave with one income meant that my husband didn't have a choice but to take on the 9 month project. While I travelled and stayed in hotels I took my little canvas' with me and my paints and created whilst my baby slept. I created these figurative men who represented the faceless corporation which impacted our lives.